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Past Workshops:

Enter the Flow: Prana Flow® Elemental Workshop Series: Earth, Air, Fire and Water The series will be held 2:30-4:30pm on the following Saturdays 2/4, 3/3, 4/14 and 5/12 $30.00 if paid by January 20th, $35.00 afterwards.

These workshops are an invitation to embody the flow of yoga through Prana Flow, an innovative, creative and full-spectrum approach to vinyasa-based yoga that has been cultivated by Shiva Rea and the Global Vinyasa Collective of Teachers. Prana, is our life-energy, taken in through the breath, and vinyasa is a sequence of postures linked together by the wave of our breath. Each workshop will be an opportunity to learn and experience this full-spectrum approach to yoga through chanting and music, movement meditation, vinyasas, conscious breathing and relaxation. Each workshop will also include an elemental theme: 1st Earth, 2nd Air, 3rd Fire, and 4th Water. The earth practice will be soothing and grounding, the air practice will be heart opening and increase circulation, the fire practice will be dynamic and energizing, and the water practice will be smooth and fluid. They will each offer an opportunity to rejuvenate and create inner balance. This series of four workshops can be taken together or individually, and is suitable for those new to Prana Flow and for those that wish to deepen their practice. To register contact: Melissa Lago at


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