Yoga Transforms Us


There are no public classes being offered at this time. Private classes and corporate classes are still being offered by request. Thank you!

Private classes and corporate classes by request, please contact me at if you are interested in learning more about these.

I also teach Aroma Yoga to individuals and small groups by request. Aroma yoga combines and deepens the therapeutic effects of yoga and aromatherapy on both the mind and body. In aroma yoga we apply essential oils to each of the seven major energy centers of the body. After the oils are applied, students are led in a series of yoga postures designed to release blockages and restore balance to each chakra. Throughout the practice chakra mists are used to help create a deep sense of well-being and healing. To learn more about aroma yoga and the essential oils used please visit aromayoga® founder Tanja Bochnig’s website at If you would like to set up a session or learn more about my aroma yoga offerings please contact me at Thank you!

Past classes were offered at 4th Street Yoga in Berkeley! These classes were a breath inspired journey accompanied by the warm glow of candlelight and dimmed lights. In these gentle flow classes one experienced movement meditation, music, poetry, vinyasas, and healing relaxation. The emphasis was on cultivating strength and experiencing rejuvenation through flow. Prana Flow has been cultivated by Shiva Rea and the Global Vinyasa Collective of Teachers.